How Do You Identify Discontinued Oneida Stainless Flatware?

Identify a discontinued Oneida stainless-steel flatware pattern by searching the knowledge base of a website specializing in replacement pieces, searching Oneida's website for individual pieces or emailing a photo of the piece to Alternatively, one can mail a photo of the piece to Everyware Global, Inc.'s consumer affairs department at 163 Kenwood Ave., Oneida, NY 13421-289. Everyware is Oneida's parent company.

Everyware and typically take seven to 10 days to respond to product identification requests. has an extensive database consumers can search using a variety of criteria, including pattern style, finish and line. Lines include Community, LTD and Heirloom. Websites that stock discontinued stainless-steel flatware usually have a database that allows consumers to identify a pattern by searching its features or by looking for it in an image gallery.

Identification begins by verifying the flatware is an Oneida piece. Oneida flatware has the company's mark stamped on the underside of the handle. The mark could read Oneida, Oneida Deluxe, Oneidacraft or Oneidacraft Deluxe.

Oneida started as Oneida Community, an Oneida, NY, religious commune that began manufacturing silverware in 1877. The company changed its name to Oneida Ltd. in 1935, and it began manufacturing stainless-steel flatware in 1961. Its consumer brands include Westminster and Stanley Rogers.