How do you identify different types of wildflowers?


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Some online resource sites, such as RealTimeRendering.com and DiscoverLife.org, provide wildflower identification tools that can help online users identify wildflowers by color, leaves, number of petals and flower symmetry. The University of Texas and the Florida Museum of Natural History also provides images and descriptions of wildflowers native to each state.

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To access the wildflower identification tool on RealTimeRendering.com, select the characteristics of the flower, such as the number of petal-like parts, flower width, arrangement, color and blooming season. The information from the site is from the Quick-Key Guide to Wildflowers. The site also provides links to other sites dedicated to wildflower identification.

DiscoverLife.org is another online site that offers a free wildflower identification tool. To access the tool, visit DiscoverLife.org, and click All Living Things on the top menu. Click Plants on the list, and then click Wildflowers under IDNature Guides. The site works just like the identification tool on RealTimeRendering.com, but DiscoverLife.org also allows identification of flowers by filtering the flowers according to a specific location in the United States and the flower's family, if known.

The Plant Resources Center of the University of Texas at Austin provides a list of native wildflowers in the state. The list contains information about the flowers and images of the flowers and its leaves. The Florida Museum of Natural History also has a Florida Wildflower and Butterflies page where online users can search wildflowers by common name, family name, county, color and habitat.

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