How Do You Identify Common Household Pests?


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To identify common household pests, use Orkin’s Pest Control Library to compare physical attributes of pests to photos of common pests. Orkin’s Research a Pest tool lets you find information on pests by searching for a particular pest problem. For example, entering “droppings” into the tool and clicking Search pulls up a list of articles about pests that leave droppings behind, such as rodents and termites. Alternatively, download a smartphone app for pest identification.

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Orkin’s Pest Control Library contains a picture identification page with illustrations of common pests, including bed bugs, centipedes, flea, Jerusalem crickets, horntails and others. By clicking on the photo of the pest, the visitor can find information about the pest and how to control the pest.

The Pest Identifier app, which is available in iTunes and works on Apple iPhone or iPad, is an app that connects users with an expert who is a member of the National Pest Management Association and who can identify a pest by the user’s submitted photo. The app itself is free and offers a pest identification library to aid in identifying the pest. The app offers an in-app purchase of a bug identification credit required for submitting a photo for identification of the pest. The credit costs $5.99, as of 2015.

Additional apps for bug identification include the Insects Catalog, Inspects Pedia, Insects World and Audubon Insects and Spiders - A Field Guide to North American Inspects and Spiders.

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