How Do You Identify a Chokecherry Bush?


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You can identify a chokecherry bush by looking at particular characteristics of the plant. Some of the major traits to look for are the location of the plant, the leaves, the blossoms, the berries and the bark.

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  1. Look at the location

    The chokecherry bush lives in areas between New Mexico and Yukon and between British Columbia and Newfoundland. It's a hardy plant that thrives in several different soil types.

  2. Look at the leaves

    Chokecherry leaves are a dark green color that is a shade paler on the bottom. They come in broad, oval shapes, which are narrower at the ends. The edges of the leaves are lined with tiny, curved teeth.

  3. Look at the blossoms

    The blossoms of the chokecherry bush, which flower in May, are very small and white, each containing five petals. These flowers are grouped in clusters that contain up to 100 flowers.

  4. Look at the berries

    The berries ripen during the autumn, turning from green to dark red and then purple. These tiny berries cluster in groups, resembling much smaller clusters of grapes. They only measure up to 1/2 inch in diameter.

  5. Look at the twigs and branches

    Chokecherry stems and twigs are light brown to dark red-brown in color, though the bark turns gray as the bush matures. The branches are marked with large, oblong white or reddish-white spots.

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