How Do You Identify Broadleaf Weeds?


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Broadleaf weeds have broad leaves of similar width and length with a conspicuous network of noticeable veins and are thus easy to identify. At times, the veins may be angularly perpendicular to the axis. The leaves at the top of the weed alternate, while the other leaves appear opposite each other. Broadleaf weeds have green stems since they are herbaceous. The stem may be branching, horizontal, erect or spreading from a rosette or crown.

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The leaves of broadleaf weeds come in various sizes and shapes. Broadleaf weeds bloom with distinct, colorful flowers; thus, it’s easy to identify them. Seeds are encapsulated in a fruit or found in a pod. Most broadleaf weeds have their growth points at the tip or top of the plants. Broadleaf weeds equally compete with plants at the time of germination, and they can overtake the cultivated plants.

Classification of broadleaf weeds bases on their life cycle. Annual weeds, winter and summer annuals have a life cycle of 12 months. Perennial and biennial weeds have a life cycle of more than 12 months.The common broadleaf weeds include henbit, purslane, and common chickweed.

You can use herbicides to control broadleaf weeds or organic methods such as pulling them out from the garden.

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