How Do You Identify Bed Bugs?

identify-bed-bugs Credit: DC Photo/Photodisc/Getty Images

Adult bed bugs have flat, oval-shaped bodies. They are reddish-brown and are roughly the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs don't have wings, and they have six legs that are shorter than their bodies. They have two antennae, which are shorter than their legs. Most bed bugs have a dark spot on their backs. After feeding, they grow larger than normal. They have small, protruding eyes.

Young bed bugs have the same-shaped bodies as adults, but they are translucent and lighter in color. They are smaller – approximately the size of a poppy seed. They also have dark protruding eyes and a dark spot on the back area.

Without a magnifying device, bed bug eggs can be difficult to see. They are approximately 1/25 of an inch long – the size of one granule of sugar. They are a yellowish-white color and are shaped like a long oval. It is common for the egg shells to remain after the bed bug has hatched, which happens after roughly two weeks.

To prevent bed bugs, About recommends avoiding pre-owned furniture. Be wary of all bedding areas when traveling, and keep luggage, blankets, pillows and other items off the floor whenever possible. Inspect any areas where bed bugs can hide if there is any concern.