What Are Some Ideas for Window Trim Molding?


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Some ideas for window trim molding include classic trim, such as that found on ranches and contemporary homes, or decorative trim, such as that found on Victorian homes. Another option is Craftsman-style trim.

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Classic trim is simple-looking and easy to install. It is made with wood strips 2 to 4 inches wide. The joints are mitered at the corners of the window, and the trim usually mimics the look of simple baseboard molding. It can be finished any way the homeowner desires, such as with a stain or paint.

Decorative trim is a more ornate molding with an elaborately designed profile that resembles crown molding. Instead of mitered joints, decorative trim uses butt joints with a block at each corner of the window. The panels typically have a design detail, such as rope details, appliqués or inlays, egg molding or custom designs.

Craftsman trim is attributed to a style of home from the 1920s and 1930s. It combines the simplicity of classic trim with the complexity of decorative trim. It uses wide plank woods that are flush with plinth blocks at the corners of the windows. The plinth blocks usually have a rosette design, and the top center of the trim usually has a fluted block.

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