What Are Some Ideas for Window Treatments for Your Basement?


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Bounce light around the room create a friendly and welcoming space. Place the mirrors strategically opposite the windows to bring that reflection effect. Alternatively, use the mirrors directly above or below the windows to make the windows look bigger. Cut the mirror panels to the size of the window panes for a better effect.

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Use window films to make the basement more private. Alternatively, use light-colored blinds, or spray the blinds with a custom paint. If the basement is cold and damp, use heavy fabric curtains such as velvet that provide warmth. Use long curtains to create the illusion of bigger windows, and stick to light and airy colors when choosing the curtains.

Use valances or swags to add a decorative feature on the curtains. Make sure the valances are made of the same material as the curtains. Use valances to add extra height to short windows.

Install shutters just below the window to create the illusion of large windows. Always keep the doors shut though you could use the space for storage when the need arises. Choose the type of shutters depending on the design of your basement. Preferably, use vinyl shutters as opposed to wood shutters because wood rots when exposed to water seepage. However, for customized shutters, wood is a better option, as it allows staining to match the interior.

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