What Are Some Ideas for Windmill Yard Art?


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One idea for windmill yard art is to purchase a miniature windmill made of metal and place it in the yard by a garden or barn. Another idea is to find the blades of an old windmill and use them as a rustic decorative accent.

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Windmills give a classic, country look when used as yard art. Adding the parts of an old windmill, especially the blades, to planters, gardens, and the shed or barn walls contributes to this look. A small metal windmill adds a cleaner, more modern feel to the yard while maintaining the country vibe.

Miniature wooden windmills are another popular way to decorate. Wooden windmills can be homemade, or they can be purchased online or at lawn and garden stores. Wooden windmills are often associated with Holland, so adding one to a yard's decor gives it an international flair. Any tulip patch would be accented splendidly with a wooden windmill.

For a more colorful approach, pinwheels can be used to decorate. Pinwheels are even smaller versions of windmills and often come in vibrant reds, blues, greens, pinks and yellows. Adding pinwheels to yard decor gives a whimsical, dreamlike feel that can be accented with colorful flowers and other whimsical items, such as gazing orbs or hummingbirds.

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