What Are Some Ideas for a Water Feature?


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Some ideas for water features include stand-alone fountains, streams, cascading water fountains, bird baths and spas. Cascading water fountains are sometimes designed to appear as natural hill formations, while others are crafted as pieces of art that the water flows across or through. Streams are built into the ground in a yard to give the illusion of a natural water flow, and they are equipped with hidden water pumps to circulate the water.

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Another common water feature is a birdbath. A birdbath is a basin of water that attracts birds who need to clean themselves, adding a favorable aesthetic by allowing homeowners to view birds more easily. Birdbaths are also used as places for birds to find water during a drought. They support conservation efforts in areas where birds do not have any alternative sources of water.

A spa is considered a functional water feature, unlike most other water features that are purely aesthetic in nature. Spas are pools of hot water, circulated with spouts or waterfalls, that people sit in for the sake of relaxation. Spas are sometimes placed in decorative areas to give them a scenic appeal, such as in the middle of a garden or unique architecture.

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