What Are the Best Ideas for Wainscoting ?

There are many wainscoting ideas, like installing beadboard wainscoting in bathrooms or dining rooms. Install beadboard horizontally to create length in a room or paint wainscoting a color that contrasts with the main color on the rest of the wall, such as black wainscoting on cream walls.

One idea for installing wainscoting is to play with different heights. For example, a classic wainscoting height is the chair rail height of about 4 feet, while wainscoting that is 5 to 6 feet tall can create visual interest in a bedroom or a mudroom. It is also possible to install wainscoting that fits the entire height of the wall with wider panels to balance the look.

A great way to create a unique design with wainscoting is to play with shapes, such as picture frame squares, circles or various rectangular shapes. For example, install a rectangular insert in the wainscoting panel under a window that is the same length as the window sill. Play with interlocking circle shapes inside a panel for a nonlinear look, or offset squares for a sophisticated and modern look. Add visual interest to picture frame squares with a textured wallpaper insert. There are also classic designs, such as barn door wainscoting or striped wallpaper panels.