What Are Some Ideas for Using Recycled Wood Decking?


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Recycled wood decking can be used for landscaping borders, picture frames, rails, raised flower beds and planters. Some more ideas for decking include using it for decorative exposed wooden walls or furniture.

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Old wood decking can be used for other outside projects, such as fences for a country look or rustic garden borders. The individual needs to treat it with sealant after building to protect it from the elements. To make pots or raised beds for plants, he needs to screw 1 1/2-inch thick boards together to form rectangles that range from 18 to 48 inches high. After placing them at the desired spot, he needs to anchor them to buried treated posts. Instead of building a deck from new boards, a person can reuse some of the old boards for accent pieces or a new rail as long as the wood is still structurally secure.

Recycled wood decking can also be used indoors for interior trim and molding, kitchen tables and picture frames. To make frames, a person needs to use thin boards or cut them down to size, keeping any knots or weathered pieces for a rustic look. The boards can also be sanded down and painted for a new appearance.

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