What Are Some Ideas for Using Cement Paver Blocks in Landscaping?


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Cement paver blocks set with stones or gravel create a stylish and permeable patio surface. Thick pavers set closely with edging create a budget-friendly driveway. Cement blocks work well to create any paved surface for a landscape design.

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Cement pavers are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors for landscaping designs. To create a herringbone pattern patio, narrow pavers are set in rotating lines at 90-degree angles. For a smaller yard, a 45-degree angle works well. Stronger than poured concrete, rectangular cement pavers in reddish-brown mimic brick and create a warm welcoming atmosphere for a driveway.

Cement paver blocks are functional and stylish for a pool patio. The textured surface adds security for wet feet, while a mix of colored blocks adds dimension to the patio. An additional benefit is that pavers resist corrosion and are durable when exposed to chlorine or salt water. For edging lawns or garden beds, a raised design is attractive and improves drainage. Elevated pavers are set above soil level and prevent mulch from washing away.

For a walkway, one design option is to surround cement pavers with lava rocks for effortless lawn mowing. For a DIY project, produce cement pavers with silicone molds.

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