What Are Some Ideas for Using Borders in Bathrooms?

Some ways to add borders to bathroom walls include using tile, wallpaper or paint. Each option varies in overall cost, expertise and difficulty. The materials used should also be considered since the moisture level in the bathroom affects some types of paint or wallpaper.

The first option is to paint a border on the walls in the bathroom. This may be a border going all the way around the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, around the mirrors or around the door of the bathroom. When choosing paint for a bathroom border, avoid matte or flat paint as they show moisture too much. Choose a satin or eggshell finish for the paint. Using a primer first helps to prevent mildew.

Tile is a popular option for bathroom borders. The tile can go directly over a painted or wallpapered bathroom wall. Like paint, the tile border looks good on any section of the bathroom walls, including around the vanity, near the bathtub and shower or in the middle of the wall going around the entire perimeter of the bathroom. Create a mosaic design by using small tiles or add more interest by choosing tiles with interesting patterns or textures.

Wallpaper borders are often less expensive and easier to install than tile. For a smaller bathroom, choose smaller patterns or no pattern at all. Large patterns, such as oversized florals, make a bathroom look smaller. Vinyl-coated wallpaper is best for a bathroom.