What Are Some Ideas for Using Antique Lighting?


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Some antique lighting fixtures are suitable for hanging from the ceiling, whereas others function as table lamps or decorations. The designer should keep in mind both the time period style of the room the lighting is going in, as well as which rooms receive the most visitors.

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Antique lighting fixtures include wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants or antique lanterns. For homeowners who want to display the lighting to visitors, a well-visited room, such as an entry room and dining room is suitable. Simpler antique fixtures are useful for second floors and little-visited rooms.

The home designer or owner first chooses a time period style by which to decorate a room. The antique lighting should reflect the time period, such as candles for 18th-century-style rooms. Rooms with a design reflecting the period from 1920-1940 in New York can use hanging lights with copper pendants and amber shades or Tiffany-style lamps. For fancier period rooms with a colonial style, the designer can use crystal teardrop chandeliers. Rooms with a 19th century style often utilize low-hanging light fixtures with weaker bulbs.

Fancy rooms can benefit from lighting fixtures with designs, such as floral, animal and human carvings, and some have hand-blown glass shades for a unique touch.

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