What Are Some Ideas for a Tranquil Bathroom Shower Stall?

For a tranquil shower stall, try adding stone mosaic to the shower's back wall or alternating honey-toned mosaic tiles with neutral marble tile to provide a serene look, suggests BHG.com. Different colored tiles helps to add depth and texture to a shower stall.

Creating a spa-like shower is another way of turning a boring shower stall into a tranquil place. Create this look by installing a wall-mounted rain-style shower head and use bright white tile on both the shower wall and ceiling in a repeating pattern.

Install a step between the shower stall and the rest of the bathroom to help keep water away from the bathroom floor and include both handheld and mounted shower heads for a personalized shower experience. Install a shower mirror for convenient shaving and match the towels to the shower stall.

Another thing that turns a shower stall into a tranquil place is glass doors. Get rid of the standard shower door and replace it with floor-to-ceiling glass panels. This helps to open up the room.

Another way to turn a shower stall into a tranquil spot is by adding paint. Use pastel colors like light green, blue, yellow or bright white, which will make the space seem larger. Place spa items in and around the shower stall and use items like large rocks to create a beach motif.