What Are Some Ideas for a Toddler's Room?


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Ideas for a toddler's room include painting the walls in bright, primary colors, getting furniture customized for size and safety and ensuring that the room is well ventilated and lit. Plenty of storage and playing space are also essential elements of a toddler's bedroom.

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Paint the walls in bright shades of warm, primary colors. Balance the colors so they are not too harsh or too dull. Washable wall paints make cleaning up easier. Customize beds, storage units, dressing units, chairs, play tables and other furniture. The toddler must be able to get on and off furniture safely and without assistance. Use furniture that is stable and features rounded edges and corners to make the toddler's room a place of safety and comfort.

Design windows and temperature control systems so the room gets plenty of natural light and is neither too warm or cold. Bright, soft rugs provide warmth and comfortable playing surfaces. Avoid cluttering the room with too many pieces of furniture. Allow as much floor space as possible for single and group playtime. Storage units must work for both the parent and the child. Keep the toddler's toys, books and other playthings at an accessible height. Use closed shelves higher up to store things the toddler should not reach, such as medicines, clothes and bed linens.

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