What Are Some Ideas for a Small Kitchen?


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HouseBeautful.com has several ideas for small kitchens such as adding mirrors, maximizing shelves and cabinets, using natural light and selecting bold colors. ElleDecor.com has similar suggestions as well as adding wrap-around shelving, using open shelves and hanging pots from hooks. Mirrors, extra natural light and bold colors help create the illusion of additional space. Shelving and hooks for pots help by getting items off counters to provide more space to cook.

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Mirrors can be used in the back splash or cabinet doors to reflect the room giving a greater appearance of depth. Adding natural light can be difficult as it often requires adding a new window. However, extra light in a small kitchen can make it seem much bigger and more welcoming. Remove clutter from the windows, and consider adding mirrors to reflect the light. Bold accent colors such as a bright trim on cabinets can make even the tiniest space look impressive and organized.

Open shelving tends to be more flexible than cabinets, helping to maximize their usefulness. Building them to wrap continuously around the walls also helps create as much shelf space as possible. Adding hooks to empty wall space is a great way to get pots, pans and cooking utensils out of drawers and cabinets.

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