How Do You Find Ideas for Shabby Chic Cottage Decor?

How Do You Find Ideas for Shabby Chic Cottage Decor?

Do-it-yourselfers can find ideas for shabby chic cottage decor through decorating websites, like HGTV and magazines like Style at Home and Country Living. These magazines also maintain websites with the same name where readers can find decorating tips and ideas.

Once a homeowner has decided on the style she wants to emulate, it is helpful to review ideas from multiple sources like magazines and websites. Both of these media are staffed by experts with years of experience in design and decorating.

Some sites, like HGTV, show ideas in the form of before-and-after pictures, and a gallery of photos with specific shabby chic elements highlighted. This can include incorporating a mix of china with different vibrant, but elegant patterns at the dinner table.

Others, like Country Living, show stream of photos highlighting elements of shabby chic in a room with a brief blurb about that decorating. For instance, readers may see a slideshow for doing a kitchen up in shabby chic cottage decor.

Those DIYers who want to get easy, quick tips for shabby chic decorating ideas can check out something like a list of ideas in a traditional article. For instance, Style at Home often has lists of specific shabby chic ideas to incorporate into a cottage home.