What Are Some Ideas for Screening a Deck for Privacy?

What Are Some Ideas for Screening a Deck for Privacy?

Some ideas for screening a deck for privacy include using old closet doors, lattice privacy screens, fabric porch screens and outdoor privacy walls. Using creative ideas for increasing privacy can help in saving costs while increasing the overall decor of the deck.

To increase deck privacy, take advantage of bamboo reeds available locally. Simply gather bamboo and cut the stalks into thinner strips. Attach them together with twine in such a way that the rope helps form tiny spaces between each strip. Place the bamboo screens strategically to cover the deck while leaving some space for lighting and fresh air.

Another option to consider is privacy screens made from drop cloth curtains. Walk into any hardware store and inquire about fabric with durable quality. Measure the fabric to an appropriate size and hang it up just like indoor curtains. Use laces to either open up the drop cloth or close it down for more privacy.

Old closet doors can be another way to increase privacy. Collect old doors and paint them in an appealing color. Attach the doors together using hinges or any other suitable material. Put up the doors strategically to block direct views of the deck.

Other screening ideas include hanging plant baskets, planting a tree and creating a canopy.