What Are Some Ideas for Revitalizing an Old Metal Outdoor Chair?


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Owners often have several options for revitalizing an old metal outdoor chair. If the finish is in otherwise good shape, a thorough washing can restore it to its former beauty. If the finish has chips, scratches or rust, sanding and repainting are possible options. Adding a slipcover using water-repellent fabric provides still another possibility.

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When white or other light colors of paint suffer exposure to the elements, they often develop a dirty look. Scrubbing the chairs with a stiff brush, using dishwasher detergent in warm water, offers a good cleaning option. For chairs with mesh or other intricate parts, a pressure washer or a coin-operated car wash reduces the need for scrubbing. Once the chairs are clean again, owners often find the paint remains in good shape.

If the metal starts to rust, the best way to address this is by sanding it away, applying primer and then recoating the entire chair. Options include retaining the original color or using a new one to transform drab furniture into something brighter.

Purchasing or making slipcovers for tired metal chairs is another option. For metal chairs with upholstered seats or pillows, the addition of fresh upholstery provides a new look for old furnishings.

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