What Are Some Ideas for Resurfacing Countertops?


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Some options for resurfacing countertops include painting, applying self-stick laminate and installing ceramic tiles. Resurfacing the countertops gives them new life and updates the look of the kitchen.

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Several manufacturers offer paint kits for resurfacing countertops. These kits include several different colors and equipment to transform surfaces in otherwise good condition to look like granite or other stone materials at a fraction of the cost of installing new materials. Because the colors change with each application, manufacturers recommend applying the new surface to the entire countertop at one time.

Install self-stick laminate to resurface the countertops by sanding to remove any rough spots and filling any divots with wood filler. The material comes in thin sheets on a roll, and installation requires cutting it to fit with scissors and then peeling away the backing. Apply the laminate so it is aligned properly, and eliminate any gaps. Use a warm iron to press the surface and remove any air bubbles.

Ceramic tile is a good choice if the existing laminate remains well-adhered to the countertop. Remove any loose pieces, or use screws to hold them in place. Use a sander to remove the slick surface of the laminate and to square any rounded corners. Finish the new surface by installing grout in the joints.

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