What Are Some Ideas for Redesigning an Old-Fashioned Fireplace?


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Surround an old-fashioned fireplace with marble and paneled walls for a fresh and classic tone in the living room. Install a new tile hearth with white walls and a revolving collection of art pieces for an eclectic look. Build a bookshelf with cabinets around the fireplace, and use the bookshelf to display collectibles and other decorative items. Use the cabinets to store personal items.

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Spice up an old-fashioned fireplace with a new facade of faux stacked limestone for a modern look. The wall length limestone is lightweight and requires no additional floor support. For a tropical style, add sleek, white pillars instead of a stone surround. The pillars make the fireplace stand out, and the white color emphasizes the coastal look.

Surround the fireplace with colored tiles and a white mantel for a cottage style decor. Paint the surrounding walls in pastel shades to complement the tiles for a fresh look. For a rustic style, surround the fireplace with grey and green tiles with a salvaged wooden wall as the backdrop. Enhance the look with complementing wooden furniture and matching rugs.

For an urban look, paint the mantel in bold black with beige walls and beige furniture to accent a stone fireplace. To enhance a contemporary look, add a full wood-paneled wall for the fireplace, and paint the other walls white. Accent it with black furniture and a black fireplace door.

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