What Are Some Ideas for Redecorating a Bathroom?

One idea for redecorating a bathroom is to update the vanity by covering it in vinyl wallpaper with a unique pattern. The vanity can also be painted in a bright color to enhance the decor. Ornate door knockers can also be repurposed and used in place of traditional vanity knobs for an interesting look.

Another way to redecorate a bathroom is to use bold wallpaper to add color to the room instead of regular paint. If the room's fixtures and trim are neutral, brighter wallpaper can be used to liven up the entire space.

Different shades of paint or colored tiles that fall in the same color family can be added to the bathroom to add depth. Using one shade can make the bathroom design seem weighty, while using different yet similar shades can open up the space and make the room more inviting.

Neutral tile can be enhanced by adding an accent wall in a bright color or painting the entire bathroom in a brighter shade. The room can also be enhanced by decorating it according to a specific theme. For instance, a Mediterranean theme can be created by using bright yellow accents, hand-painted terra cotta tiles and other Mediterranean-inspired elements. Small accents can also be added to tie the look together.