What Ideas Are Popular for Hanging Pictures?

What Ideas Are Popular for Hanging Pictures?

Popular methods of hanging pictures include creating a "photo wall" by displaying a collection of images together, printing works of art on large canvases and creating a collage of different subjects or print sizes. Designing with themes, such as using only black-and-white pictures, also creates an intriguing look.

One of the most popular methods of displaying pictures is to group similar images in the same area. Photo walls can be created where there is ample wall space in high traffic areas such as in the foyer, alongside the staircase or in the living room. These arrangements usually have common visual cues that tie the elements together, such as pictures of a similar theme or subject, or only black-and-white photographs.

Traditional picture hanging dictates that photos should be in frames, but many modern methods consider frames optional. For example, large canvases without frames are often displayed on living room walls.

Additionally, hanging pictures in a grid gives a more formal look to any room, whereas staggering pictures or creating photo collages, bulletin boards and picture displays on existing shelves are low-cost DIY solutions.

Some unusual methods of displaying pictures include creating a corner frame that wraps a collection of images around both sides of a wall or using digital photo frames. Other crafty methods to consider are hanging pictures on clotheslines, making mobiles from chandeliers or using brightly colored photo mats.