What Are Some Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

What Are Some Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many options for paining kitchen cabinets, and, when used correctly, neutral colors, such as white, gray and beige, can make simple yet noticeable improvements, as can dark colors and lighter tones. For many kitchens, white cabinets work well. White creates a clean, elegant look, and it pairs nicely with many other colors.

With kitchen cabinets, like other household furniture, people can choose conservative colors or more daring shades. Before selecting unusual paint colors, however, homeowners should consider the colors in the surrounding kitchen, including walls and appliances.

For kitchens with darker colors, white, light gray or beige make good choices for cabinets. These colors are lighter than those in the background and add light and vitality. Lighter-colored cabinets are also generally good choices in small kitchens, where richer shades of color make the surrounding space look darker.

For adventurous homeowners, painting the cabinets in bold shades makes a statement. Yellow cabinets draw attention and create a soft, warm and welcoming look. Light blue adds an exotic, whimsical look. Light blue cabinets match well with white trim and detail, along with stainless steel appliances.

People can also mix and match kitchen cabinets in a lighter or darker tone of the same color used throughout the kitchen. Painting cabinets a light baby blue, for instance, adds a tropical look to a kitchen with a dark blue color base.