What Are Some Ideas for Outdoor Shower Enclosures?


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Ideas for outdoor showers include a colorful shower curtain supported by a curved bar, stretched canvas walls or corrugated metal. Small adjustments to these structures allow extra privacy. However, in an area where there are no neighbors, the only additions the installation requires are the plumbing and a system for diverting the waste water.

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For a low-cost outdoor shower, homeowners might install a three-quarter circle shower bar on an outside wall and add plumbing for the showerhead. If they do not mind cold showers, the plumbing can be as simple as connecting the showerhead to a garden hose. However, plumbing the shower to the home's existing hot and cold water supply gives more control over the water temperature.

One option for a larger outdoor shower uses plumbing pipe and fittings to form a framework for canvas walls. The structure attaches to the outdoor wall of the house for support, and a pipe across the front provides a hanger for a shower curtain with four-wall privacy.

Corrugated metal in a wooden framework offers a means of creating a freestanding shower structure. Depending on location and surroundings, owners have the option of creating this outdoor shower with as little as two metal panels and mounting the shower in the corner. However, the addition of more panels can increase the privacy.

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