What Are Some Ideas for Organizing Clutter?


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Ensure that every item has a storage location to minimize clutter around the home. Avoid accumulating items that you are unlikely to use, and consider alternatives such as borrowing and returning items as opposed to purchasing them. Scan the area around clutter hot spots in the home to identify the root of the problem, and devise a viable solution to eliminate the issue. Quell clutter by getting rid of duplicate items, and consolidate papers with binders.

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Having a specific storage location for various items lets you put them away upon use. Store similar items together, and keep items you use frequently within easy reach. Shop for storage containers to organize clutter in the home; however, WebMD recommends identifying the scope of the issue and de-cluttering your home before considering such a purchase. Duplicate items around the home occupy space that would otherwise serve a different purpose.

Sort through your clothes closets to find things you rarely wear. Consider putting the clothes that do not fit or are uncomfortable in boxes and donating or selling them at a consignment store. Sort papers, forms and bills using binders to ease access, or use an organization system such as a magazine rack to reduce the mess that papers cause.

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