What Are Some Ideas for Organizing With Cheap Plastic Boxes?


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Ideas for organizing with inexpensive plastic boxes include storing seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, pictures, outdoor items and files. Plastic boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles; they can fit under beds, between furniture, on shelves, and inside sheds and closets. Some plastic boxes also have latching lids and handles, while other styles have lids that simply snap-seal around the edges of the box.

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Seasonal clothing and blankets are typically stored in plastic boxes that fit under beds. These boxes are more shallow than standard-size plastic boxes but are much longer to compensate for the lack in depth. Larger plastic boxes are also used for clothing and blankets when stored in attics, basements and closets.

Holiday and seasonal decorations are stored in plastic boxes of various sizes. Small, plastic boxes are ideal for storing holiday ornaments, magnets, bows and figurines, while some are large enough to store the parts and branches of an artificial tree. Seasonal outdoor items, such as cushions, pool accessories and sporting equipment are also stored in plastic boxes of medium to large sizes.

Plastic boxes are a preferred method of storage, since they are typically waterproof and keep dirt, dust and pests away from belongings. Clear boxes are more widely preferred over opaque, colored versions, since they make it easier to find items without needing to search through each bin or apply labels.

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