What Are Some Ideas for Organizing a Bedroom Closet?


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Some ways to organize a bedroom closet are to put up a pegboard, stack together shoe boxes, utilize tags or labels for boxes and use transparent plastic drawers for accessories. Some other simple ideas are to keep clothes organized according to color and add wire racks and hooks to closet walls.

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What Are Some Ideas for Organizing a Bedroom Closet?
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For a small bedroom closet, homeowners can maximize its space by hanging up wire racks on the wall from top to bottom. Items that are rarely used can be placed at the top, and items that are utilized on a more regular basis can be placed on the lower racks, suggests Apartment Therapy. Shoes can go on the floor.

For storing small items and to keep them within reach, it may be useful to hang up a pegboard inside the closet. To find clothes, socks, or accessories stored in boxes quickly, it may be useful to put tags or labels on the boxes. Similarly, organizing clothes by color can save time when getting dressed or putting together an outfit.

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