What Are Some Ideas for Making a Decorative Draft Stopper?


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Ideas for decorative homemade draft stoppers include animal stoppers such as snakes, dogs and cats; patchwork designs; and draft stoppers made with reclaimed or scrap fabrics. Draft stoppers may be sewn, crocheted or knitted, and they are often accented with felt scraps, pom poms, ribbons or similar embellishments.

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Cut open the legs of a colorful pair of women's tights, and fill each leg with uncooked rice. Stitch the open end closed, attach a pair of wiggly eyes, and sew on a red felt tongue for a cheerful snake draft stopper. Simplicity Creative Group also suggests a knitted cat draft stopper that features a tail, ears and a hat. This stopper is filled with polyester stuffing.

Stitch together attractive fabric scraps to create a patchwork pattern. Fill the tube with dried beans, and stitch the ends closed to create a simple and inexpensive draft stopper. Attach a fabric loop to one end for convenient storage. Sew a tube from a piece of decorative fabric that matches the decor of your room to create a decorative draft stopper to use for doors or windows. Martha Stewart suggests closing the ends with two 3 1/4-inch circles and filling the tube with recycled newspaper or clean cat litter.

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