What Are Some Ideas for Landscaping With Plants and Shrubs?

What Are Some Ideas for Landscaping With Plants and Shrubs?

Landscaping ideas with plants and shrubs include a decorative walkway, a backyard wildlife habitat and low-maintenance landscapes with evergreen shrubs. Even very small spaces such as courtyards and patios benefit from landscaping with containers and raised beds.

The front walkway provides an excellent place to begin landscaping a front yard, according to SF Gate. A popular approach places small shrubs or other decorative plants on either side of a hardscape footpath. The path should remain wide enough to accommodate at least two people walking side by side.

An unusual way to landscape a backyard is to create a small wildlife habitat filled with raised flower beds, potted ornamental grasses and bark-strewn walkways. The best plants for a backyard wildlife sanctuary consist of local species, as these naturally attract native birds and butterflies.

Evergreen shrubs create an appealing landscape that does not require heavy maintenance. For example, a row of arborvitae adds lush green color and serves as a living privacy screen. These shrubs are extremely hardy and grow in areas other evergreens cannot tolerate, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Mature arborvitae can reach up to 20 feet tall.

Small evergreen plants also make useful landscaping elements. For instance, the banana shrub serves as a popular choice for edging and raised planting beds. Every spring, this evergreen produces bright yellow flowers that emit a powerful banana fragrance.