What Are Some Ideas for Landscaping With Flagstones?

What Are Some Ideas for Landscaping With Flagstones?

Random cut flagstones of different shades of gray can be placed into a small round patio surrounded with low shrubs. Another landscape idea is a somewhat unfinished look, also made of random cut gray flagstones, with rough hewn boulders at two corners. A few of the flags are placed in a way that the bare earth is seen between them, and plantings of grasses at the borders soften the starkness of the stone.

Another use of flagstones is an area of random cut flags in an area with plantings and wooden elements such as chaise lounges, a tall fence and a pergola. Pea gravel has been brushed between the flags.

Flagstones are ideal around a swimming pool. The rough texture of the stone keeps bathers from slipping, and the hardness of the stone contrasts nicely with the inviting cool blue of the water. This is also true of the plantings around the pool's edge. Boulders amongst the foliage serve to tie the elements together.

Flagstones can also be cut into different sized rectangles and squares and installed on a patio shaded with a vine-covered pergola and bordered by hedge plants. To break up the monotony, the slabs can be of different, basically neutral colors.

Random cut flags also make a charming curving path up to a front door. The spaces in between them are planted with ground covers such as thyme or moss.