What Are Some Ideas for Landscaping Edging?


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While traditional landscape edging uses bender board, plastic, metal, bricks or rocks, homeowners have many additional choices. Buried wine bottles or bamboo stalks of varying height add interest while maintaining a clean break between the lawn and flowerbeds. Inexpensive chipped china plates from yard sales, planted in the soil to cover the chips create an interesting look. Terracotta pots, inverted at the edge of the bed are another option.

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One interesting approach to the wine bottle border requires digging a trench at the edge of the bed and standing the bottles upside down in the trench, with their sides touching, to form the border. The installer fills the trench around the necks of the bottles as he goes to keep them in place. Using bamboo stalks works in a similar manner using the sustainable materials.

Gardeners find china from many different sources for the plate border. The patterns do not have to match. Plant the plates with the pattern facing out and rotate each dish to hide as many chips as possible. The inverted terracotta pots have a wide enough base and are heavy enough that they do not require digging. Used pots work well, but it is also possible to purchase the pots in bulk if a used source is not available.

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