What Are Some Ideas for Landscape Walls in a Garden?


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Garden walls of brick, weathered stone and dry stacked bricks or stones are among classic types of landscape walls. Filling metal cages with rocks, cobbles or bricks is a contemporary way to create a garden wall that is both decorative and strong. Another less traditional and less durable wall, which won't block the view, is built with toughened glass panels, treated with silicon-based repellent and fixed to sturdy posts. Powder-coated aluminium panels can also create a cost-effective, decorative garden wall.

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In keeping with a sleek look, corrugated metal is a less expensive and highly durable option for garden walls. Though requiring protective edging strips to minimize its sharp edges and sturdy posts to ensure it can weather strong winds, corrugated metal comes in matte or shiny finishes and lends itself to color by using metal paints.

Garden walls built of a variety of materials are another option that provide a good deal of visual interest, but require careful execution to ensure that the materials, such as wood blocks and pieces of rusted steel, fit together securely. Also among the more creative garden wall options is the wildlife wall comprised of upright pallets, the sections of which are filled with materials that attract birds and other animals. Moss, wool, rotting wood, pine cones and straw are among the variety of potential fillers.

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