What Are Some Ideas for Kitchen Wall Shelving?


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Some ideas for kitchen wall shelving include open shelving, partially open shelving, modular floating shelves and X-shaped wall inserts. A floating shelf suspended from the ceiling rather than attached to a wall gives the kitchen a modern flair and also provides shelving space without using wall space.

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Simple open shelves painted in white to match the wall can add a farmhouse feel to the kitchen, providing space for cups and bowls as well as a place to display fine china, vintage kitchen pieces and pictures. Open shelving also works with the background painted or wallpapered in a color that complements and contrasts with the rest of the kitchen. For instance, white open shelves with a turquoise background matches with a few of the kitchen's accent pieces such as the turquoise stove backsplash and bar stools covered in turquoise fabric.

Maximize space by turning a traditional cabinet shelf sideways and removing the door for open shelving in a small area. This style shelf can hold cookbooks and other knickknacks. Silver and china can be placed in an open china cabinet with X-inserts in one side to hold and organize wine bottles. Partially open shelving employs the traditional cupboards, but adds an open space above or below for cookbooks, extra dishes and wine glasses. Instead of open shelves, place glass doors on the cupboards to proudly display china and open up the area, while keeping it safely tucked away.

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