What Are Some Ideas of Items to Use for a Planter?


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Home gardeners can create planters from objects with compartments or open interior space, including tires, colanders, teapots, mason jars, cinder blocks, rain boots and toolboxes. Oversized objects, such as wagons, wheelbarrows, trash cans, oil drums, gutters, drawers and bathtubs, are spacious enough to accommodate large outdoor floral arrangements. Old pots, furnishings and appliances are typically made from durable, outdoor-friendly materials, such as metal, ceramic and glass.

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Instead of getting rid of weathered toolboxes or caddies, use them to store potted plants, especially succulents that don't require frequent watering. Salvage antique tubs, cribs, wagons, rain boots and broken gutters to create whimsical arrangements of assorted flowers. Sections of gutter can be attached to deck railings to liven up a patio.

Metal trash cans and oil drums offer deep compartments that allow roots to grow. Shiny aluminum finishes can bring an industrial look to the garden, while colorful painted cans create a playful tone. Old wheelbarrows, dresser drawers, painted tires and even rowboats make striking rustic planters with ample space to lay out a medley of vibrant flowers. Drawers can be stacked in staggered setups to maximize space in small gardens.

Household items ranging from colanders to mason jars make practical garden containers. Colanders are already equipped with drainage holes, while mason jars are easy to mount on walls for secure storage. Ceramic teapots are ideal for creating a dainty, decorative garden space, or mismatched pots can be hung from rails for eccentric flair.

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