What Are Some Ideas for Interesting Window Treatments?


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Some ideas for interesting window treatments include using drop cloths to create curtains, stenciling different designs on plain curtains and refurbishing items such as shutters to use indoors. Many materials can be used to create unique and affordable window treatments, including burlap, drop cloths and plain cotton curtains.

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To create interesting curtains with plain, solid-colored drapes, use stencils and spray paint. This is an easy way to add a pattern to them. Use any type of stencil, and tape it to the curtains using fabric tape. Take the curtains outside, and spray inside the stencil design with the spray paint. Remove the stencil carefully, move to another section, and repeat the process to create a pattern.

Drop cloths and burlap might look plain and rustic, but they can be made into modern curtains. A simple drop cloth can be made into curtains by writing typography in a fun script with a fabric pen. This can be a series of words repeated, a poem or popular phrase. Make plain burlap curtains more modern by hanging them with metal grommets. For a farmhouse-style bedroom, use a crown instead of a rod to hang two curtain panels. Put this over a bed to create a fun and interesting canopy.

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