What Are Some Ideas for Hanging Pictures?


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Hanging pictures that add interest to a room use varied or symmetric arrangement patterns, unlikely hanging materials, and sizes and positions that complement the furniture of a room. Pattern arrangements should be tested using paper cutouts to confirm the desired look.

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Interesting photo arrangements group images of the same size or combine different sized images. Same-sized groups create an ordered and structured look. Grouping smaller images, as in a four-square pattern, gives the illusion of a larger picture and fills in a more space on a wall. Alternatively, two small pictures paired with a center mirror or a larger picture create a similar look.

The size and proportion of the pictures also influence the overall look. Small pictures hung on a large wall emphasize the empty wall space. Similarly, a large picture hung in a small wall space makes the area the look cramped. If wall space is insufficient, displaying pictures of varying sizes on a shelf, such as a mantle or even a wooden easel, provides another interesting option.

Materials used to hang the photos add extra character and a personalized touch to the project. Frame choices such as metal, wooden, painted or unfinished inspire an earthy or industrialized feel. For an unexpected twist, photos may be hung along a string, rope or from a ribbon.

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