What Are Some Ideas for Ground Bee Control?

Some ideas for ground bee control include watering the soil and laying mulch. Ground bees prefer dry ground, so these things often cause them to leave.

When ground bees are found in the yard, get out the garden hose and soak the soil until there is about an inch of water on the ground. This can be done about once a week to keep the bees away. They usually fly away when the ground gets wet and won’t return unless it dries. Keep the soil wet if there are signs of any bees returning. Adding mulch to the ground is also useful, since bees prefer dry dirt and soil. Pesticides are not typically recommended for this type of pest.

Consider whether or not the ground bees need to be controlled. These types of bees provide natural pollination in gardens and are not harmful to others. They are not considered an aggressive or poisonous bee. Most people can go about their work in the garden without being bothered too much by the bees. However, someone with an allergy to bees should get rid of them in safest way possible.

Ground bees are usually found in the early spring season and remain until the summer. They can be spotted near nests or mounds of soil. Bees that fly low to the ground or are found sitting still on the ground are usually considered ground bees.