What Are Some Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping?

Front yard landscaping ideas include a wide curving pathway, large bunches of flowers, a tree-lined pathway and even terraced garden patches. An interesting front yard helps draw the eye and accents the house.

Homeowners can make the front yard look even better than the backyard using a combination of landscaping elements. These ideas can also work individually as a stand-out feature of the yard.

  • Curved walkway: A wide curved walkway with inset cobblestones or bricks from the driveway to the front door is practical and attractive.
  • Colorful flowers: It seems obvious to put a few flowers out by the front door, but homeowners can go even further with a large groupings of brightly colored flowers. Intersperse the patches with flowers that bloom at different times of the year.
  • Herb garden: A vibrant herb garden in the front yard adds attractive greenery and homeowners don't have to worry about the effort of keeping up a flower garden.
  • Tree lined walkway: Add trees to a preexisting path to create a naturally covered walkway into the house. Fruit trees and ornamental are nice since they don't grow very big.
  • Archway: An archway just before the front door works well when there is a separate front deck or patio. It adds a bit of separation for this space from the yard.
  • Terraced gardens and steps: Use terracing to create flat areas for small garden patches and a stepped walkway when the house is on a hill.