What Are Some Ideas for a Flat Roof Extension?


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Design ideas for brows that extend flat roofs beyond exterior walls include implementing slightly curved or angled structures. Other ideas use different locations of exterior lights to illuminate outdoor spaces, and consider seasonal weather patterns for site specific designs.

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Flat roof extensions define outdoor spaces and shade interior rooms. One design idea uses a slightly concave shaped roof to create a deep overhang curve that matches expansive glass walls. This roof design uses slender columns to support the extension. A more angular design uses two horizontal planes with gentle slopes that align with a lower patio. This roof design creates shade and defines the outdoor space.

For lighting, another type of extension incorporates lamp fixtures for a lower outdoor patio, but also includes skylights for the interior space. Using different materials, one design idea places lighting on the exterior wall to highlight the wooden roof extension above. However, full-height exterior glass walls typically require large extensions.

One unique idea uses passive solar design factors to construct the roof extension to operate like an awning. These considerations are latitude, climate and window size. A different design uses wedge shapes for the extended flat roof to buffer wind and direct snow and water away from walkways. Typically, simple roof designs without folds resist water damage.

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