What Are Some Ideas for Enclosing a Porch?

Ideas for enclosing a porch include adding a roof for protection from the rain, adding screen walls to keep away the bugs, or adding windows and flooring to transform the area into a space for use all year long. These ideas increase the usable living space of the home while without limiting the view of the outside world.

Adding a roof provides protection from changes in the weather. The roof also provides protection from the sun while still allowing occupants the enjoyment of the cooling breezes.

Adding screen walls to the porch allows continuous enjoyment of the fresh air without the mosquitoes, flies and bugs that frequent outdoor gatherings. Stapling screen to the roof supports is a quick and effective way to enclose the porch. In most locations, a screened porch remains useful for eight to nine months a year.

The addition of windows and flooring to the area transforms it into a sunroom that you can enjoy all year long. The sunroom is an ideal place for growing plants, reading or dining. Windows that open still allow enjoyment of the fresh air and provide protection when it is normally too cold outside to enjoy the porch. Flooring provides additional comfort in the enclosed porch.