What Are Some Ideas for Edging Your Lawn in Brick?


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Ideas for edging a lawn in bricks include placing the bricks side by side around the yard and placing them in diagonal patterns so that only a triangle of brick shows above the grass. Another idea is to use bricks to separate a garden or flower bed from a lawn.

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A gardener can edge a lawn, separating it from a landscaped bed, by placing the bricks upright in the soil so that the bricks rise above the grass. Then, the gardener places a row of bricks lengthwise in a line on the lawn side of the tall bricks to create a mower strip. As well as being attractive, this design precludes the need for using a trimmer to edge grass and keeps grass from creeping into flower beds.

In order to lay the bricks diagonally, the gardener digs a trench into the soil and adds a layer of sand at the bottom. This sand helps the soil underneath the bricks to drain without absorbing water and pushing the bricks out of alignment. After digging the trench deep enough that the bricks are only partially exposed, the gardener lines up the bricks tightly one against another to prevent sifting and fills the trench in with soil.

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