What Are Some Ideas for Designing Garden Paths at Home?

What Are Some Ideas for Designing Garden Paths at Home?

Some ideas for designing garden paths at home include using repeating geometric patterns, gently sweeping curves or straight lines to lead the visitor to the destination. Also consider the elements around the path, like plants and benches.

Consider both the shape of the path and the material. Flowing paths help make hard geometric buildings looks softer and more approachable, while paths with straight lines make the area more formal. Consider stones that match and complement nearby buildings, such as local field stone or architectural slabs. Line gravel paths with brick to keep them from getting too messy, and combine gravel with larger path stones to balance it.

Diamond-shaped stones make narrower spaces feel larger. Repurposed bricks offer many design possibilities, so experiment with different patterns before laying them.

Choose plants and garden elements that go well with the pathway material. Line the pathway with plants and low-growing shrubs to add interest and unify the design. Small vegetation between large stones emphasizes the stones' shapes and textures. Low-growing flowering ground covers look good with natural paving, such as field stone. Creeping thyme and other scented plants positioned between flagstones smell nice when stepped on.

Group plants around benches to make a rest spot, and add short paths leading off to fountains or garden beds.