What are some ideas for designing a garden?


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Some ideas for designing a garden include designing a moon garden with flowers that appear at night, designing a garden with the feng shui methods and designing a drought-tolerant garden with drought-tolerant plants. A drought-tolerant garden requires less watering and maintenance than other garden designs.

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The four basic types of plants used in moon gardens consist of plants with white flowers, plants with bright foliage, night bloomers and plants with fragrant blooms. Moon gardens usually feature a mass of white flowers, as they remain more visible at night. Moon garden flowers include snowdrops, bleeding hearts and azaleas.

Designing a feng shui garden requires learning the energy map, or the Bagua, of the garden, and understanding the five elements of the feng shui theory. For example, when adding a water feature to the garden, one takes into account its placement. Placing the water feature on the east side of the garden represents health and family, while the north represents the career and the path of life.

Plants suitable for drought-tolerant gardens include sea thrift, butterfly weed and calamint for sunny and dry conditions. Good plants for dry shade conditions include wood aster and Siberian bugloss. For a garden with rows, the bluebeard plant serves as a good choice for the back row due to its height.

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