What Are Some Ideas for Decorative Front Door Wreaths?


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Some ideas for decorative front door wreaths include a grapevine wreath decorated with silk flowers, a moss wreath boasting a small birdhouse in the center, a colorful burlap wreath and a faux greenery wreath. There are also decorative evergreen, fern and cedar wreaths for brightening up front doors.

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To make a burlap wreath, purchase a simple wire wreath form and 4-inch burlap ribbon. Thread the burlap through the wires of the wreath form, making sure to give it a bunched, loopy appearance. The wire wreath form needs to be completely concealed by the burlap. Next, choose greenery with which to decorate the burlap wreath, such as a spray of silk flowers and a bird's nest for a spring theme, red and white stars for summer or fall leaves and berries for autumn. Use jute or another rough fiber that blends into the burlap such as twine to secure the greenery or other decorations to the wreath.

Make a living fern wreath by purchasing a sphagnum moss-covered wreath form and fern plantlets. First, wet the moss wreath. Next, attach the roots of the fern plantlets into the moss. Make sure to use small plantlets so that they are not too heavy to attach and hang onto the wreath form from the roots. Water the wreath occasionally with a spray bottle.

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