What Are Some Ideas for Decorative Bathroom Windows?


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Some different ideas for decorative bathroom windows include using balloon shades and creating privacy with decorative shutters. Using patterned curtains to match the room’s tiles can also add a decorative flair to the room.

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For a romantic and luxurious look in the bathroom, cover the bathroom window with balloon shades. The shades can be installed on their own or with draperies beneath them. The draperies are added if privacy is a concern. Otherwise, balloon shades at the top of the windows work great. These are best for windows that are above the bathtub, which adds to the ambiance of taking a relaxing bath in a beautiful space.

For a nature-inspired bathroom, consider using natural fiber shades. These shades use eco-friendly fabrics in browns and greens to provide an organic look to the bathroom. They work well with all types of bathtubs and showers. There are also some varieties of shades that have bright colors and bold patterns. These add color to an otherwise neutral bathroom. When a bathroom needs more color and style, the windows are often the first place to look.

Louvered shutters are great as a private, low-maintenance option for the bathroom window. There are different types of shutters, including those made of vinyl, aluminum or wood. The wood shutters provide a high-quality and sleek look. Choose white shutters against white walls for a modern, seamless effect. In a natural bathroom, wood or bamboo shutters look excellent with green walls.

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