What Are Some Ideas for Decorating With Cheap Wood Boxes?


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Some ideas for decorating with cheap wood boxes include attaching them to the wall for a rustic chic bookshelf, using them as toy boxes, refinishing them for coffee tables or using them as storage containers. They can also be stacked and used as shelf organizers.

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To decorate a home with wooden boxes as unique bookshelves, attach the bottom of the boxes to the wall so that the open part faces out, acting as the shelves. Consider attaching the boxes to the wall slanted or angled, with corners touching, to create an interesting shape. Use a wooden box as a portable magazine and newspaper receptacle by staining or painting it to match the rest of the furniture and attaching wheels to the bottom for easy movement. Add a cloth-covered lid, and this idea also works as a toy box

Wooden boxes not only provide a rustic look in decorating but can double as organizers as well. For instance, refinish a dozen wooden boxes and stack them on top of each other for a shelf with each box being reserved for a specific set of items. Children's books can go in one, dolls in another and a tea set in a third. This declutters play rooms and makes it easy to locate items.

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