What Are Some Ideas for Custom Window Well Covers?


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Some ideas for different types of custom window well covers are sloped, atrium, domed and clear bubble styles. Custom-made window well covers are necessary, because window wells often come in different sizes and shapes such as circular, elongated oval or rectangular, as noted by WindowWellExperts.com.

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Window wells are necessary for basement windows that are below ground because they allow a person access to the outside in case of an emergency. A window well is essentially a large hole near the foundation where there is a basement exit window, states HomeAdvisor.com. Window well covers are necessary because these wells can collect debris and present safety hazards such as a pet or child falling into this space. To accommodate the different sizes or shapes of these wells, homeowners may require custom-made well covers in a variety of styles.

Window well covers are typically made of clear polycarbonate plastic to allow light to pass through and fit any type of window well material including steel, concrete, brick or block. For a brick window well, some suitable window well covers can be either a sloped-hinged or a domed style that can accommodate rectangular or circular window wells. Sloped window well covers may be suitable to keep rainwater away from the home. Some sloped style covers have a clamshell design.

Atrium-style well covers can be either hinged or lift-off types. Domed atrium cover may be appropriate for crank-out types of windows, as noted by WindowWellExperts.com. Some other benefits of window well covers are that they can deter animals from making homes in this area and may prevent pest infestation.

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